Militia Sanctae Mariae

Observantia SS. Cordis Iesu et Mariae

English Speaking Provinces
 Prayer League


O Blessed Emperor Karl, you accepted the difficult tasks and burdensome challenges that God gave you during your  life. In every thought, decision and action you
trusted always in the Holy Trinity. We pray to you to intercede for us with the Lord our God to give us faith and courage, so that even in the most difficult situations of our earthly lives we may not lose heart, but continue faithfully in the footsteps of Christ.

Ask for us the grace that our hearts may be moulded into the likeness of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Help us to work with compassion and strength for the poor and needy, to fight with courage for peace in our homes and in the world, and in every situation to trustingly place our lives in the hands of God, until we reach Him, as you did, through Christ our Lord.

Vivat Ecclesia Catholica, Papa Romanus - Pontifex Maximus et Beatus Carolus I.  Imperator Austriae!